Kathryn Lawler is a public policy expert focusing on issues related to aging and the built environment. As a fellow at Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies, Kathryn produced a study on the coordination of housing and health supports for the nation's aging population. This report received national exposure and acclaim, and led to a research position with the Congressional Commission on Health and Housing for the 21st Century. Upon graduation, Kathryn took a position directing Aging Atlanta, an Atlanta Regional Commission program that develops strategies for better coordinating aging services and prepare for the rapidly increasing population of older adults across the 10 county Metro area. Kathryn's work has received significant local and national media attention, has been widely featured in case studies, and she has presented it to the Board of AARP, the EPA, the National League of Cities, and just recently to Congress. She currently serves on advisory committees for the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, EPA's Aging Initiative, and the Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities task force. Kathryn has developed a national reputation first as an emerging leader in the field, and now as an effective local player.